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We have complied a list of the most asked questions.

What will my shed cost to build?

Your cost will vary according to the part of the country you live
in & the detail that is put into construction. But, as a general ruleof thumb you should expect to pay around $7.25 per square foot. This estimate is based on using T-111 plywood siding & doing most of the labor yourself. But, this will vary with where you live atand who you buy your building materials from. It always pays to take the extra time & get a price by more than one lumber yard.

The quality of the material that you use will have the biggest effect on cost for your project.

What is the difference between the deluxe & economy plans?

Our deluxe plans have upgraded exterior siding, trim & overhangs. The doors windows are also much nicer.

The economy version has homemade doors & window, and inexpensive 1×4 trim & has more of a utility look

Can I get my plan as soon as I pay for it?

Yes we have a secure server that will allow you to Download your plans. You will never have to wait.

After you have paid you will be taken to a page which will allow you to download the plans. This only happens after you have successfully paid for the plans. You will also receive an email from us with the links to download the plans.

If you have paid for them I will make sure you get the plans.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes it is, we use one of the leading online credit card processing companies to process your purchase.

Are the plans copyrighted.

YES, We hold a copyright for each and every plan on this site.